NGADHI Family Services is an Indigenous founded and operated business.

NGADHI (n-yar-di) translates to “me, mine or belonging to me” in Wiradjuri language. What sets us apart from similar organisations is that NGADHI Family Services is a culturally appropriate service and our focus is about connecting with Indigenous community and maintaining the Indigenous culture, influencing the way we interact, our policies and procedures.

We are aware of the 5,000 plus Indigenous children that are in OOHC and we want to make a difference by connecting these children with our staff that have an understanding and are culturally of the needs of these children. 

As a service, we want to better our local community, across NSW. We are passionate about seeing children and young people develop life and people skills to see then reach their full potential. We aspire to create a safe space that is culturally appropriate, along with going about out work with a holistic approach.

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We are an Aboriginal specific service, supporting vulnerable children and their families within the community.



Mervyn and Sara Taylor, founded Ngadhi Family Services in 2010. 

They have a passion not just for children in Out-of-Home Care (OOHC) but a passion to see children connect with their families, understand and maintain their cultural identity.

This passion, contributes to the overall running and future direction of the business. 



All staff have current Working with Children Checks that are verified with the Office of Children’s Guardian, National Criminal Checks and a First Aid Certificate.

Our staff have active connections within their local aboriginal communities, that ensures that we provide the most culturally appropriate service.



 PO Box 178, Macarthur Square, NSW, 2560

PHONE: 0402 330 315

EMAIL: [email protected]


Report suspected child abuse or neglect to the Child Protection Helpline 132 111